Saarioinen develops the energy efficiency of its Huittinen factory

The digitalisation of building services technology strengthens the competitiveness of production and improves conditions for employees.

LeaseGreen is to implement an energy efficiency investment in Saarioinen’s Huittinen factory that will reduce the energy costs of the plant as well as strengthening in competitiveness. Central to the turnkey project is the digitalisation of the building services technology at the plant: building automation, ventilation, heat management, cooling and lighting will be modernised into a single smart system controlled by a cloud-based climate and energy management system.

Plant Director manager, Pauliina Annola, says that the energy overhaul will improve production profitability and the conditions for employees.

“We have demanding processes and many different product groups that have product holdings with different conditions. Some holdings are warm, others are cold. The new smart building services technology supports us in achieving high product quality and production hygiene, as well as good working conditions and occupational safety. We want our people to have the energy to do their jobs and enjoy their work more than ever.”

One of the leading companies in the food business, Saarioinen is a family business that began production in Huittinen in 1972. Since then, production facilities have been extended numerous times. Currently, the factory covers an area of 24 000 m2. The factory produces some of Finland’s favourite jams, marketed under the brand names Saarioinen and Dronningholm. It also produces whipped semolina pudding, salads and salad dressings.

LeaseGreen will implement an energy efficiency investment in the Huittinen factory as a turnkey project – from planning to installations, and all the way to monitoring. The work involves modernising ventilation machines and extractor fans, renewing heating circuit pumps and improving the efficiency of the cooling systems in the berry section, as well as replacing the fluorescent lighting with LED lights. Ventilation control will become an as-required system and lighting requirements will be optimised with the help of a sensor control system.

According to Matti Tähtinen, Purchase Director at the Saarioinen Group, the energy overhaul will have a considerably positive effect on production at the Huittinen plant for years to come.

“New modern ventilation and lighting solutions reduce energy costs”, Tähtinen says. “The best thing about energy efficiency investments are their multidimensional effects. The financial side of things has always been important, but the importance of sustainability has increased in the decision making. This investment will save both money and the environment.”

It is estimated that the energy overhaul will cut the Huittinen plant’s heat and electricity costs by about 15 percent. The plant’s CO2 emissions will be reduced by over 500 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the carbon footprint of roughly 120 houses. Increasing the efficiency of the cooling system will improve conditions for the employees, especially in the berry section, which is warmed by the cooking jams and marmalades. The new ventilation solutions will reduce the draught and in turn ensure the high quality of Saarioinen’s products.

“The hygiene demands in the food industry are extremely high”, says Jere Kilpi, Senior Vice President, Service Delivery and Life Cycle at LeaseGreen.

“The ventilation in the high hygiene areas is planned and implemented to be hyperbaric so that impurities from other sections do not spread into these areas. The pressure ratios are monitored with sensors that are now being installed. Thanks to new technology we can monitor the conditions in real time and ensure that they remain as stable as possible in all situations. We use AI to constantly monitor the system and humans intervene if there is an anomaly. Digitalised energy efficiency helps Saarioinen succeed.”

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