Spa-Hotel Kunnonpaikka repays its repair debt with energy savings

The spa-hotel located in Kuopio has undertaken an energy overhaul which will cut its energy costs by a quarter and also improve conditions in the hotel. In the future, the hotel will be heated with heavy-duty air-water heat pumps.

Finland’s leading energy services company, LeaseGreen, is improving the energy efficiency of spa-hotel Kunnonpaikka located just north of Kuopio. The new technology will save energy and improve conditions in the property.

As a result of the renovations, Kunnonpaikka will be almost entirely energy self-sufficient in terms of heating, and its energy costs will be reduced by a quarter. In the future, the property will produce the majority of its necessary heat with air-water heat pumps.

“Heating a property of this size costs hundreds of thousands per year. That’s why it’s important for us to reduce our dependence on the price increases of district heating”, explains the CEO of Kunnonpaikka, Timo Juurakko.

Kunnonpaikka is not giving up on district heating entirely, in addition to the heat pumps it will use the district heating for heating water, and during very cold temperatures. In practice, the spa-hotel’s district heating requirements will be reduced by 76 percent thanks to the heat pumps and renovations. The change is clearly visible on the bottom line: the renovations will result in annual savings that are larger than one year’s worth of monthly repayments for the renovations.

“A large renovation is being completely financed with savings. The old building services technology is replaced with new, and we also catch up on our accrued repair debt”, Juurakko says.

The current building services technology is, for the most part, the original technology, its oldest parts are for the 1970s. The size of the property is over 19 000m2 and most of it was built in the 1970s and 1980s.

In addition to changing the heating systems, the renovations will also include the property’s building automation, ventilation, and cooling. The old cooling system proved to be too inefficient during last summer’s high temperatures.

“In normal temperatures the equipment functions well, but during the 32-degree heat of the summer we were only able to cool the hotel rooms to 25 degrees. We want to offer our guests a 22-degree temperature for their overnight stay even during the hottest weather.

LeaseGreen carries the responsibility for the project planning, implementation, and financing. After the renovations the property will be connected to the LeaseGreen AI-controlled remote monitoring, which will ensure that the promised savings are met. The removal of the old oil-fired boilers and renewal of the air conditioning equipment has already begun. The Kunnonpaikka energy overhaul will be complete by mid September.

Considerable environmental effects

In addition to reducing their repair debt and increasing savings, the carbon footprint of Kunnonpaikka was a factor when considering embarking on an energy overhaul.

“We want to be a forerunner in implementing environmental solutions, and the new technology enables almost emission-free energy production. An energy overhaul is an extremely sensible financial move as well as being an extremely good thing in terms of climate change”, CEO Timo Juurakko says.

The environmental effects of Kunnonpaikka’s energy overhaul are considerable. According to LeaseGreen’s calculations, the renovations will reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint by at least 36 percent. In practice, its CO2 emissions will be reduced by 476 tonnes per year, which is equal to the emissions of 50 Finnish houses.

“I believe that our customers appreciate the sizeable ecological contribution made by Kunnonpaikka.”

Customers have voted with their feet. Overall the renovated spa-hotel gets about 800 customers every day.

LeaseGreen is specialised in energy overhauls for large properties and has carried out numerous energy efficiency projects on spas, hotels, and sports halls.

“Rather than carrying out individual repairs, we make well-planned investments focused on the entirety of the building services technology. In this way they become the most profitable”, explains LeaseGreen’s CEO, Tomi Mäkipelto.

“Making energy consumption more efficient reduces maintenance costs significantly and supports the spa-hotel’s business. Our customer interests are always our interests too.”

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Spa-hotel Kunnonpaikka
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