Varma and LeaseGreen in cooperation: energy efficiency promotes the profits of pension investments

"LeaseGreen’s service model is a cost-effective solution for us."

LeaseGreen modernises the commercial buildings owned by pension company Varma in three locations in Finland. The projects will be financed by the service model developed by LeaseGreen and there’s no need for Varma to tie up its own capital. The monthly contract payment remains lower than the energy savings generated by the project.

”Energy efficiency plays a important role in developing Varma’s real estate portfolio and its importance has even grown during the last years”, says Toni Pekonen, commercial property director of Varma.

”LeaseGreen’s service model is a cost-effective solution for us. We trust to their competence for an successful implementation of these projects.”

The three refitted properties are aging and large commercial buildings which accomodates the furniture store of Isku. Pekonen says the modernisation of technology will improve the comfort of tenant’s employees and customers. Energy costs decrease and the value of the property increase.

”The profit is not the only argument, however. Smaller emissions is important issue to Varma from the perspective of public image as well.”

Varma is the largest pension company in Finland. The value of its investments were 41.2 billion euros in the end of June 2016. The share of real estate investments was 9% of total portfolio. Varma strives to decrease the carbon footprint of its real estate investments by 15% in 2020.

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