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25% Energy savings

“The decision to carry out the energy overhauls was unanimous and easy to make. The decision was also influenced by the fact that the building automation in the properties had come to the end of its functional lifecycle.”

Property Manager Arto Söderholm, Provia

  • 25% Energy savings
  • 8 000 Surface area, m2
  • 174 CO2 reduction per year

As a result of the energy overhauls, Koy Luna, located on Mannerheimintie opposite Stockmann, got a new brain and new lungs. The complete overhaul improved and enhanced the ventilation in the property, balanced the heating and modernized the building automation. The overhaul resulted in an improvement in the conditions and a reduction in energy costs.

The calculated repayment time for the energy overhauls in ten years.

“If we keep in mind that the building is 130 years old, then 10 years is a short amount of time. These buildings have a long life cycle. I believe that this building will still be standing in another 200 years,” says Provia’s Arto Söderholm, Property Manager at Koy Luna.

The Neo Renaissance building known as Primula’s or Baker’s corner was built at the end of the 1880s as an apartment building. The Primula bakery opened its first café in the building in 1915. Cutting-edge technology at the time was represented in Helsinki with the first refrigerated glass cabinet where the baked goods were stored.

All the renewals and overhauls in the old prestigious building are done taking the building into consideration. The meter-thick side walls present their own challenge, as does the building’s location right in the center of downtown Helsinki.

“The project is large and challenging,” says Söderholm. “The property consists of such different spaces and the contractors have to be flexible with the tenants. Good project communications are essential.”

The real estate company has many owners who are developing Luna over the long term and according to sustainable principles. The largest owner is Veritas.

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