LeaseGreen improves the energy economy of large properties and drives climate action. Smaller costs, cleaner returns. Together with our customers we are implementing Finland’s most effective climate action - one property at a time.

A more diverse offering
of technology and economy

We offer our customers a broad range of options for improving the energy economy of buildings. This is based on the leading technical and economic know-how in the field, extensive market data and experience from hundreds of energy overhauls.

The environment and money
no longer clash.

We help companies to realize that taking responsibility for society and the environment doesn’t weaken profitability. Objectives on money and sustainability are not in conflict - they support one another.

Stronger and
wiser every day.

A decade of experience in energy overhauls and improving the energy efficiency of properties has made us stronger than most. Every day we learn more about how we can do things better.

The best know-how in the industry and motivated people are the cornerstone of LeaseGreen’s success. The significance of a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and committed individual cannot be overstated in the work that we do.

“The best thing is when the benefit to the customer is combined with a positive impact on the climate. There are not many jobs where you can say that by improving the customer’s finances you also improve the environment and climate.”

Johanna Tainio, LeaseGreen


We don’t sell you technology, we sell you results.