Contact details

15 minutes from the center

Our offices are located in the fantastic Panorama Tower in Leppävaara, Espoo. Take the stairs or the elevator, you’ll find us on the 5 th floor.

Our postal address is: Panorama Tower, Hevosenkenkä 3, 02600 Espoo.

Invoices to the right address

Below you can find our invoicing instructions. If your invoice is for work carried out at the worksite, please add to the invoice your work site number, work site name and the name of the person who ordered the work. Our professional finance team will make sure the payments arrive on time.

The captain and co-pilots keep us on course.

The LeaseGreen leadership team consists of Otto Mutanen (left), Johanna Tainio, CEO Jonni Ahonen, Mikael Friskopf, and Jere Kilpi. The tight-knit quintet is responsible for the operations and development of the company.

We want to work ethically and with transparency to ensure responsible operations, so we will soon take into use a channel for reporting ethical and compliance-related misconduct.

The WhistleB channel allows anyone to report suspected ethical and compliance-related misconduct relating to LeaseGreen’s operations. It is important to us that our partners and sub-contractors also work in an ethical manner. Thank you for your help.

We don’t sell you technology. We sell results.