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“We have a genuine desire to make energy efficiency part of our processes. Reducing climate impact requires a strong commitment from leadership because the repayment time for the necessary procedures is difficult to count. Nevertheless, it is an investment in the future and in line with our values.”

Technical Director Heikki Kiiski, Vaasan Ltd.

Vaasan developed the energy efficiency of their bakeries. They were looking for a partner who was also familiar with industrial processes. LeaseGreen was a natural choice.

“It was clear to us that one person could not manage everything that we needed to do. This kind of super-person comes into existence when the knowledge and skills of many people are combined,” says Vaasan’s Heikki Kiiski.

As part of the partnership, Vaasan was able to utilize LeaseGreen’s experts who have exceptionally broad know-how and experience. The LeaseGreeners familiarized themselves with operations at Vaasan bakeries to look for potential ways to save the agreed upon amount of energy and costs. Some of the savings were achieved with adjustments and zero investments, others required larger investments.

LeaseGreen guaranteed that the results would be achieved and made sure that everything worked intelligently and optimally. In addition, LeaseGreen implemented the agreed upon development investments from start to finish.

Vaasan benefitted from LeaseGreen’s entire service portfolio. The entire project consisted of mapping out, reporting on the current state of affairs, and a development road map, as well as the continuous LG Meta service. LG Meta involves the collaboration of digitalization and optimization of technology combined with AI and talented people. As a result of the monitoring, the suggested development investments were implemented using the LG Boost model, a complete turnkey delivery.

The contract between LeaseGreen and Vaasan included the Vantaa, Kuusankoski, Kiiminki and Vammala bakeries. The first three focus on producing fresh bread and they bake Finland’s most popular bread, Vaasan Ruispala rye bread.

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