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-18 GWh steam saved

“We have been assessing ways to reduce the use of valuable fresh steam in heating the factory for a long time. With the help of LeaseGreen, we were able to find a solution which allowed us to save a large amount of steam and use it more effectively than before in the core production process of drying the cardboard and paper.”

Technical Director Timo Tallinen, Kotkamills Ltd

  • 18 Steam saving, GWh

LeaseGreen has developed an energy system for the Kotkamills factory with an investment project that improved the production facility’s industrial process as well as its energy efficiency. The steam heating that was previously used to heat the buildings in the factory area in Kotka have been replaced with secondary waste heat which required LeaseGreen to build a new heat network and heat exchangers in the area.

The new heat network frees up the steam produced by the factory’s natural gas boiler to produce a maximum of 6 MW for use in the Kotkamills growing cardboard and paper production. The steam use is reduced by about 18 GWh per year.

LeaseGreen carried out the Kotkamills investment project as a turnkey project which included everything from planning the investments to the implementation, financing and all the way to taking the new system into use.

The price of the investment is repaid to LeaseGreen on a monthly repayment basis which has a cash flow positive effect on Kotkamills already from the first year. The contract lasts for five years. Naturally, the investments also improve profits.

Kotkamills Group Plc produces sawn timber, quality laminate paper and extremely environmentally friendly cardboard. The cardboard products are especially suitable for food and packaging, do not contain plastic, and are completely recyclable. The company has 530 employees and its turnover in 2017 was 288 million euros.

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