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-10% Energy savings

“Large investments can’t always be made with a company’s own cash flow. That’s why the financial model based on monthly repayments suited us. It’s important for the business that we can accurately predict the monthly costs involved in these kinds of large investments. It was great that LeaseGreen was able to take into consideration the fact that we are in business and have customers 365 days a year. The work has gone smoothly, without any disruption to our customers.”

Service Manager Mikko Flander, Lohja Spa & Resort Ltd

  • 83 CO2 reduction per year, tonnes
  • 10 000 Area, m2
  • 10% Energy savings

The modernisation of the ventilation and lighting and the introduction of smart management have reduced the energy costs of this Karjalohja-based spa hotel. The ventilation is now powered by solar energy. The new technology saves energy and improves the conditions in the facilities.

The renovation at Lohja Spa & Resort involved modernising the ventilation and lighting as well as installing a 20 kWh solar energy system. At the same time, the automation system was updated to a new smart system and sensors and meters were added.

“Sensors and meters were installed in the spa so that we can get information on where we are actually using warm water and energy. This is very important for us,” explains Service Manager Mikko Flander from Lohja Spa & Resort.

The most visible part of the renovation can be seen on the roof of the restaurant. There are 76 solar panels whose combined surface area is 135 m2. They produce more than 17 MWh of electricity per year, which is used primarily by the ventilation units.

The spa hotel in Karjalohja consists of nine separate buildings that were all built in different decades. The hotel’s main building was developed at the beginning of the 1980s, and was extended in the 1990s. In addition, there are three rows of houses built in the 1970s, and five new small detached houses.

“We have to heat over 10 000 m2 in total – that equates to a huge amount of cubic metres to heat. That’s why we are always looking for new solutions to reduce the amount of electricity and energy we use.”

It was easy to embark on improving the energy efficiency of Lohja Spa & Resort once we found a suitable financing solution. The renovation was done using LeaseGreen’s monthly financing model.

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