Oriola | Logistics Centre

2.5 savings, million euro

“Using modern technology we can ensure that our property supports the comfort and success of our employees in their work. Another important goal for us is to reduce the carbon footprint of our business. “

Facility and Security Manager Jari Mäkelä, Oriola

  • 2.5 Lifecycle savings, million euro
  • 500 CO2 reduction per year

The energy overhaul at Oriola Logistics Centre involved modernising the building automation, ventilation and lighting. The investment was implemented from planning to installations as a turnkey project.

According to LeaseGreen’s calculations, thanks to the renovations, the CO2 emissions of the logistics centre will be reduced by 500 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the emissions from 230 electrically heated Finnish houses. The cost savings are expected to rise to 2.5 million euros over the lifecycle of the investment.

“Oriola wants to act long term and sustainably,” says Oriola’s Facility and Security Manager, Jari Mäkelä.

The renewal of the ventilation system included changing the fans in the ventilation units, increasing the efficiency of the exhaust-air heat recovery, renewing air ducts and improving the ventilation control. The renewed ventilation units are quiet and efficient, and we are able to control the air exchange in the different spaces more precisely than before. The energy efficiency of the lighting has clearly improved thanks to the new LED technology, and the need for repairs has been reduced.

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