LeaseGreen modernises building technology at Oriola’s logistics centre

Smart technology saves energy, improves conditions and reduces CO2 emissions.

LeaseGreen has carried out an extensive modernisation of the building technology at the logistics centre of the listed pharmaceutical services company Oriola in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The project involved updating the automation, ventilation and lighting of the property located in Espoo. The investment was executed as a turnkey project, comprising everything from planning to installation.

The reconditioning of the ventilation system included replacing the air supply units’ fans, enhancing heat recovery from exhaust air, renovating feed pipes and improving controls. The new machines are quiet and efficient and the ventilation of different spaces can be controlled more accurately than before. The property’s lighting became much more energy efficient and needs less maintenance thanks to new LED technology.

LeaseGreen expects the completed investments to improve indoor conditions, save energy and reduce the property’s carbon footprint. The logistics centre’s CO2 emissions will be cut by some 500 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the emissions of 230 electrically heated detached family homes. The cost savings from the project are estimated to reach 2.5 million euros over the investment’s lifetime.

“Oriola wants to operate responsibly and with a long-term vision,” explains Oriola’s Facility and Security Manager Jari Mäkelä. “With modern technology we can ensure that our premises provide the optimal conditions for our employees’ comfort and success at work. Another major goal is to reduce our carbon footprint.”

“Oriola is a frontrunner in the development of property conditions and environmental friendliness,” says LeaseGreen CEO Tomi Mäkipelto. “The project progressed really well and was a success thanks to our collaboration with Oriola’s professionals. We also want to thank all of the property’s users for their patience and assistance during the various stages of the project.”

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Oriola Finland Oy
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CEO Tomi Mäkipelto
LeaseGreen Group Ltd
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