From the situational picture to a road map, quickly!

We recognize the most profitable energy investments for properties. You get the brain power of top professionals, extensive experience, as well as a practical road map that will reduce emissions according to plan and in a financially sensible way.

1 000 analyzed

  • 150 energy mappings per year
  • 15-20 analyzed property portfolios per year

LeaseGreen energy mapping

  • CLARITY. We focus on what’s important and clearly highlight the potential of the property or property portfolio. We compete on usefulness not the amount of pages.
  • VISION. We utilize our experience and vision on the information that is important for you. Is the goal to reduce the maintenance costs, carbon footprint or energy costs of the property? Or is it to improve conditions?
  • EASE. You get the most useful opinion with the least amount of fuss - to you. We work quickly and cost-efficiently. We bother you as little as possible.
  • COVERAGE. Energy efficiency is a part of the general development of the property for us, and we do not limit our operations to individual technologies. Often it is worth reducing the property’s other repair debts at the same time. We take long-term plans and the owners goals into consideration. You get extra benefits in addition to the basics.
  • CONCRETE. We use our own know-how and take responsibility for the project. You get a clear and binding proposal on what you should do, how much it costs and what kind of savings you get. Also, you get an idea of what you don’t need to do.

No superficial options! We give you a complete view of the development requirements and potential of your property or property portfolio as well as a concrete road map of the goals: savings and better conditions.

“The biggest benefit comes from the overall approach. We understand properties and we know how to develop them comprehensively. The customer can trust in the knowledge that their property is in good hands.”

Anton Närekorpi, LeaseGreen


We keep our promises. That’s what we are known for.