We give the property a brain and teach it to self-optimize

Energy Optimization is a service for property energy management. It is based on the property’s optimal performance models of LeaseGreen’s planners, the professional skills of our team, as well as the intelligence of the digital solutions.

134 properties being

  • 1 976 active digital twins
  • 300 years of combined experience

LeaseGreen’s service contents

  • DIGITAL MODELING. Digital twins and our cloud-based service are tools that simplify the monitoring of complicated building technology processes and systems. Thanks to them our services are based on data, not guesswork.
  • PERFORMANCE ASSURANCE. Our service ensures that the efficiency of LTO batteries, heat pumps or solar panels stays at the planned level. If the efficiency decreases, our team decides what should be done to improve it.
  • RESULTS GUARANTEE. Our service combines proactive monitoring with continuous development of the property. That’s why we are certain about the results.
  • SMART OPTIMIZATION. We do not chase results at any cost. Energy saving is not smart if it’s done at the expense of the wellbeing of people or properties.
  • ZERO INVESTMENTS. The most profitable investments don’t always necessarily require any money. Often it is sufficient to change the way of thinking and doing things. Our team makes sensible zero investments to properties that proactively improve the energy economy and conditions.
  • FUTURE OPTIONS. Whenever possible we take into consideration the developmental opportunities of upcoming technology.
  • REPORTING. We organize and collate observations made by our services and report them regularly so that our customers know what’s going on.

“The important thing is to perceive the big picture. Where is the energy coming from and where is it going? When you understand the big picture it is easier to find the reasons for anomalies.”

Juha Hyvärinen, LeaseGreen


We keep our promises. That’s what we are known for.