A complete service that prepares properties for the future

You choose how we move forward. We clarify the energy saving potential for all your properties or we fix the energy economy of individual properties one at a time. You get a trusted partner that monitors the heart and brains of your properties and optimizes their collaboration.

The wisest investments
in one fell swoop

Energy Overhaul includes the most profitable investments for energy and climate efficiency in one fell swoop. We carry out the most sensible energy overhauls on the market as a turnkey service from planning to implementation and with a performance guarantee.

We give the house a brain and teach it to self-optimize

Energy Optimization is a remote service that controls and optimizes building technology and conditions. The service combines the accumulated know-how of our experts and the computational efficiency of cloud-based services, which we use to tune your properties to perfection.

From the situational picture
to a road map, quickly!

Energy Consultancy is technological and financial brainstorming in which we research, analyze and draw a comprehensive picture of the energy economy of the properties, the largest hidden value, and the most cost-efficient solutions to reduce costs and emissions.

Our services reduce the energy bills and climate emissions of the properties for their entire lifetimes. A carbon overhaul also has a positive effect on the rental and sales potential of the properties.

“The point is not to completely nullify energy use, rather to understand how much energy is needed to ensure good conditions.”

Jonni Ahonen, LeaseGreen


We keep our promises. That’s what we are known for.