The energy efficiency of properties and factories is a matter of trust. We do all the thinking and heavy lifting. You just focus on your business.

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Energy efficiency combines the sensible use of money and environmentally sustainable objectives. You can make a financially worthwhile investment that also reduces the environmental impact of your business.


Reduced costs

Energy-efficient technology reduces energy and maintenance costs as well as the susceptibility to energy price risk.

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Increased value

A smart energy overhaul reduces the repair debt of the property and raises its long-term value in a responsible manner.

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A lighter footprint

Reduced CO2 emissions show that the property owner is committed to playing their part in affecting climate change.

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Return on investment

Energy overhauls typically offer our clients a 10–30% return over the life cycle of the investments. Our objective is always that our customer’s investment is paid by the savings made.


Energy saving

On average, our energy overhauls result in a 20% energy saving without compromising the conditions for the users of the property. Often, the savings are is much higher.


Know-how + approach

LeaseGreen employs about 40 energy efficiency experts specialised in planning, project work and digitalisation. We pour all our know-how into the project so that you can be successful in your own work.

Halton’s Lahti factory changes from natural gas to heavy-duty geothermal heating

“It feels great to be able to say that this kind of industrial plant no longer uses non-renewable natural resources.”

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LeaseGreen prepares for further growth

Thomas Luther, CEO: “Exceeding the expectations of our customers is our highest priority.”

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Ylva reduces the emissions of valuable properties in downtown Helsinki

LeaseGreen begins controlling the conditions and energy economy of a city block in Kaivopiha with the help of AI.

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LeaseGreen’s customer satisfaction is high. This puts our team under a little pressure and obligates us in a good way. The work is done quickly but carefully with as little disturbance as possible to the users of the property. We always strive to keep our promises.

Jussi Toivonen, VP, Project Management and Procurement

Varma, Valtra, LocalTapiola, OP, Kotkamills, Långvik and many more satisfied customers...

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