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LeaseGreen is rapidly developing its new service business. The goal is to provide better support for improving the energy economy of industrial and investment properties.

“We have seen how our customers benefit from a partnership that lasts the entire lifetime of the property. Previously we have done worthwhile and ambitious projects one at a time,” says CEO, Thomas Luther.

“It all begins with listening to the customer and solving problems that they don’t yet consider to be a problem. We are not afraid of doing things differently.”

The energy overhaul project business will remain a key part of LeaseGreen’s strategy. In addition, a new set of services have been developed that will improve the intelligence, energy economy, conditions, and climate efficiency of industrial properties and municipal buildings.

“Every customer’s circumstances and requirements are unique,” says Thomas Luther. “Factory managers generally want to reduce the energy costs of the buildings in the plant. Property investors maximise the value of their current and future portfolios and minimise their portfolio’s CO2 emissions. Each customer benefits from opening up hidden potential.”

LeaseGreen’s service partnership offers customers a huge array of methods for improving the energy economy of their buildings based on the leading techno-financial know-how in the industry, market data, and experience from hundreds of energy overhauls.

“We are building a roadmap which will help the customer plan for their future and find the best possible ways of reducing their own carbon footprint,” Luther says.

“We can monitor and optimise the energy efficiency and conditions of the customer’s property. In this way we give the customer an up-to-date overview of how their property works and how it can be optimised.”

The CEO has already received praise from customers about the timely services LeaseGreen offers at various stages.

“It has been great to notice how well received the idea of a strategic partnership has been. The greatest benefit to the customer comes from the fact that in addition to their business, we understand the big picture and take responsibility for the results for the entire lifetime of the property.”

The entire LeaseGreen team has been closely involved in developing ideas around the company’s new direction. The internal commitment is apparent in how the LeaseGreen team members have got on board with the new direction even before its official launch.

“We have a great team that works persistently on behalf of the customer. This is a great group to work with customers on the most important climate actions in Finland one property at a time.”

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