Goals are just words if you don’t have a plan

Tuomas Vuorinen and Anton Närekorpi

Grab your keys and open the lock! A thorough portfolio analysis reveals the kind of property potential that investors have not seen before.

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Your property could soon become a Tesla

Ari Taiponen

The management system in an average Toyota far surpasses the systems used in properties worth millions of euros. Property owners deserve a better set of wheels.

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Carbon footprint on the price tag of sausages and cars

Thomas Luther

Finnish services and products have a strong competitive advantage in CO2 comparisons when their operations are as low-emission as possible.

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The on-call denialist and the keys to solving climate change

Juho Rönni

Always remember fair play if you want to mitigate climate change. In order to buy an electric car, a pensioner on low income needs more support than a successful engineer.

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District heating or geothermal heating

Tomi Mäkipelto

The correct answer is… both. Heat pumps reduce the costs for the property owner and the future investments for district heating companies.

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