Combine big data with weather information

The amount of properties being led by data in Finland is still small. We are doing our best to change that.

LeaseGreen’s digital team has developed its own algorithm for controlling property automation that takes advantage of the big data produced by the properties and AI. By using historical information, the use profile of the building, real-time data provided by sensors in the property and weather forecasts, heating can be controlled so that we can predict the necessary requirements.

Predict power demand and upcoming hardware issues

As freezing temperatures approach, heating starts earlier than normal to avoid peak output. During a hot summer, the building is cooled at night, not when the temperature is already becoming unbearable.

The function is planned and is executed remotely. Maintenance staff do not need to run to the property to make hasty adjustments. Data suggests when equipment might be going wrong before it finally breaks.


Most properties do not have the kind of equipment that would allow for smart control of the building. That’s why the majority of Finnish buildings are managed according to the old ways of doing things.

Ari Taiponen, VP, Life-cycle Services and Digital Solutions

The future of your property is being created today.

The digitalisation of property energy systems is inspiring and rewarding work. Associated services and software are being developed by LeaseGreen’s team of nearly ten people.

We recently implemented an AI-controlled automation system in an office building in the capital area that cut the property’s heating peak output requirements by almost 30 percent. The electricity required was over 10 per cent less than previously.


We are developing new things with our head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

Properties are always unique things. That’s why developing AI solutions cannot be compared to a leisurely walk in the park. Data security also has to be taken into consideration.

Data security is taken care of with protected, certified and tested connections. Locally connected devices can never compete with the efficiency of cloud services. The data security of cloud services is always very strong. The weakest link in data security is always the user of the system.


Feel free to find out more about digitalised energy systems. We’re happy to help!

Ari Taiponen

VP, Life-cycle Services and Digital Solutions +358 50 410 9917
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