You make better decisions.

The amount of properties in Finland that are managed using data is still small. We are doing our best to change that.

LeaseGreen has developed a property management service that utilises the data from digital twins, AI, and also feedback from the users of the property. When all the data from the property is collated and analysed the result is a comprehensive overview of your property that is also the basis for decision making. It is easy to make the right decisions when you have the data.

Anticipate equipment malfunctions and optimise investments.  

Operations are planned and are done remotely, so there is no need for a caretaker to run around the property fixing valves and making rushed adjustments. The data suggests any possible malfunctions before the technology actually fails.

LeaseGreen’s experts monitor the data from the building services technology. So when a heat-recovery radiator is reaching the end of its lifespan, or the efficiency of a heat pump or solar panel is significantly reduced, they can let you know in good time when to invest in new equipment – either now or maybe next year.


The future of your property is created today.

Digital twins and AI are tools that simplify the complex processes and monitoring systems that are used in building services technology. The property owner, therefore, does not need to know any more about these processes and systems.

The most important thing is that the user of the property is content. By using screened and analysed data we can make better decisions that benefit both the owner and users of the property. Properties are always unique cases.

We innovate with our sights set high and feet firmly on the ground.

The conditions and carbon footprint of the property go hand in hand. Bad conditions are often a symptom that leads to costs and risks. When the conditions are improved the carbon footprint of the property is usually reduced.

It is also important to pay attention to data security. Data security is improved with protected, certified and tested connections. Locally connected devices can never compete with the efficiency of cloud-based services whose data security is extremely strong. The weakest link in data security is always the user.


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