Three cornerstones of secure energy investments:

For every megawatt hour our customers buy, we improve the conditions in the property by the maximum amount. The investments are always planned and implemented in the most profitable order – anything unnecessary is left out. Our team is extremely motivated by the fact that we implement the best solutions for our customers.

Jonni Ahonen, VP, Sales and Accounts

Why the LeaseGreen service model?

Decision-makers in the property business normally get the technical solutions and services they require from many different service providers, whose work is then coordinated either by the customer themselves or a consultant. With the LeaseGreen model, the customer only has one partner who plans and implements all the solutions. We arrange all the stages of the project and take responsibility for them.

  1. IDEA. We develop the project concept and ideas, which are based entirely on your objectives.
  2. PLANNING. Our team thoroughly assesses the property and designs the optimal package based on the most suitable technology on the market.
  3. TAILORED AGREEMENT. We create a tailored contract model that matches the project requirements and supports your business objectives.
  4. IMPLEMENTATION. We take full responsibility for the project and carry it out as agreed. We make sure that we meet the quality requirements set out for the project on time and in budget.
  5. MONITORING. One of our selected experts makes sure that the property functions as it should during the life-cycle of the new technology. The full potential of the property is taken advantage of when the energy system is connected to the LeaseGreen’s cloud-based service.

Find out more about our service models and contracts – we’re happy to help!

reference Geothermal

OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd / Viinikkala Logistics Centre

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