It is important for us that we can pay for the energy overhaul with a leasing model. In this way we didn’t have to take out a separate loan.

Timo Juurikko, Chairperson of the board, Vehnä-Hovi housing cooperative

Vehnä-Hovi, located in the centre of Huittinen, carried out an extensive energy overhaul, which resulted in the housing cooperative becoming carbon neutral. The overhaul involved exchanging district heating for a combination of geothermal heating and solar energy, and the installation of a heat recovery system. As part of the overhaul the extractor fans were changed, the outdoor lighting was modernised, and the building services technology was updated to modern standards.

According to calculations, the housing cooperative’s heating costs were reduced by two thirds thanks to the overhaul. Vehnä-Hovi is financing the extensive energy overhaul with the money saved from their energy bills.

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