We focus on making sure that our tenants enjoy living in our buildings as much as possible. It is also in everyone’s interests that we make savings on the emissions from the property.

Petteri Näveri, Department Head, Valion Eläkekassa

LeaseGreen has implemented a modernisation of the energy system in two properties owned by Valion Eläkekassa in the capital area. The project involved renewing the building automation, ventilation and lighting in the properties. Good internal air conditions and energy efficiency are ensured by making use of the conditions’ diverse measurement data and AI.

“I’m expecting us to get both good conditions and energy savings as a result of the project,” says Petteri Näveri, Department Head for the property at Valion Eläkekassa.

One of the modernised properties is located in downtown Helsinki, next to the Forum block. Yrjönkatu 36 is an office building which houses, among others, The Israeli Embassy, the French Mission in Finland, and Partioaitta. The building was built in 1980 and covers an area of roughly 3 600 m2.

The other property is Housing Cooperative Ltd Rälssitie 6 in Vantaa, in the Aviapolis district. It was built in 1987 and houses offices and warehouses. The main tenant is Nordic Waterproofing Ltd.

According to LeaseGreen’s estimates, Valion Eläkekassa will get life-cycle savings of about 500 000 euros compared to their current energy costs thanks to the procedures carried out in the project. The return on investment in predicted to be as much as 15 per cent.

“LeaseGreen has a good reputation, and that’s a big advantage for us that we get everything from planning to implementation all from the same place,” Petteri Näveri explains.

“Collaboration has started well. LeaseGreen has clearly invested in expertise and customer service. Customer requirements are taken care of effectively and the work is done quickly.”

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