Energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and the well-being of the people working here are important to us. The indoor conditions of the modernised business property have to be as good as those of a new building.

Antti Venermo, Director, Trevian Asset Management

Säterinportti, a business complex consisting of five buildings, was completed in 2001 for use by Nokia’s network development operations. It has a total area of approx. 35 000 m2. The property is owned by a fund managed by a Swedish property investment and asset management company called Nordika.

Nordika bought Säterinportti as a property development project, once Nokia had decided to move out. Trevian Asset Management, which manages the property, is currently carrying out an investment scheme there worth tens of millions of euros.

“Säterinportti is a massive property development project,” says Director Antti Venermo from Trevian.

LeaseGreen’s building technology project improved the property’s ventilation, cooling and lighting. The accuracy of ventilation control was enhanced using sensors and IoT solutions. Free cooling systems were renewed and the heat distribution centre was replaced. According to LeaseGreen’s estimate, the life cycle savings produced by the investments will reach millions of euros. The investment will pay for itself in around five years.

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