What was done?

LeaseGreen planned and implemented a complete energy system modernisation at four logistics centre properties located in Vantaa. The energy overhaul involved changing the heating source. The buildings were taken off the district heating network and the necessary energy is produced by a combination of heavy-duty heat pumps and solar energy.

“We want to develop the competitiveness of the properties, reduce the maintenance costs for our tenants, and also reduce the CO2 emissions of the property,” explains OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd’s property manager, Matti Puromäki.


The customer benefits when someone looks at their property as a complete unit, makes use of the best parts of the old system and renews the parts which are still beneficial. I appreciate the fact that LeaseGreen are not afraid to question the old ways of working in the property business, and also the way they handle the project.

Matti Puromäki, Property Manager, OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd

What’s the effect?

The GCT and STC logistics facilities located in the Aviapolis area near Helsinki-Vantaa airport were completed in 2011–2012. The facilities cover a combined area of 22 000 m2.

According to estimates by LeaseGreen and OP Real Estate Asset Management, the move to geothermal heating will reduce the facilities’ heating costs by over 20 per cent and their carbon footprint by about 60 per cent.

Thanks to the new systems the life-cycle savings are expected to rise to 4–5 million euros.

Watch the video: GCT logistics center

The four logistics center properties located in Vantaa changed from district heating to a combination of geothermal heating and solar energy. OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd’s property manager, Matti Puromäki tells why the GCT logistics center began producing its own energy and what it holds for the future.

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