There is no point throwing money away, we can use it elsewhere. In addition to the energy savings we have had a considerable improvement in comfort. The indoor conditions have improved. We have made progress on all fronts.

Jaakko Niiranen, CFO, Kuortane Olympic Training Center

Getting energy use under control and creating better conditions for top athletes. These were the priority objectives when the modernisation of the Kuortane Olympic Training Center began.

According to Jaakko Niiranen, CFO of the training center, the objectives have been met or surpassed: the heat distribution and ventilation clearly work better than before, and the energy costs are over 20 per cent smaller even though the amount of people using the training center’s facilities since the completion of the investments has increased by about 10 per cent.

LeaseGreen modernised the energy system of the training center’s main building and the large Kuortane hall at the end of 2015. During 2016 the energy bill for these two buildings decreased by 23 per cent compared to the starting point in 2014. This continued to develop during 2017 as the main building’s heating costs were as much as 36 per cent lower than before the investments.

The modernisation of the energy system covered the renewal of the facility’s automation, ventilation and heat distribution. The monthly repayments for the training center are smaller than the savings created as a result of the investments. CFO Niiranen says that the service contract has been a good model for Kuortane Olympic Training Center:

“Without it the threshold for making these extremely sensible investments would have been much higher. The package is now very easy for us. We didn’t have to get together different experts from different fields and coordinate their work, rather LeaseGreen took responsibility for everything and made the project happen. We have been very satisfied and the company deserves a big “thank you” in capital letters.”

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