Big energy savings are a good springboard to the implementation of a project. It’s easy to justify an investment when you can show the savings.

Tom Martin, Head of Production Unit Finland, K. Hartwall Ltd

LeaseGreen carried out a large energy overhaul at the K. Hartwall facility in Sipoo. The goal of the overhaul was to improve the working conditions of 114 employees working on the production line, and to reduce repair debt and also save a considerable amount of energy.

Hartwall produces metallic trucks and trolleys primarily for use in trade and industry. The company was founded in 1932. The buildings in Söderkulla occupy over 12 000 m2 and most of them were built at the beginning of the 1980s.

In galvanizing, large quantities of molten metal are heated, and the welding shop also produces lots of heat that can be taken advantage of. As part of the project, heat recovery systems were built in both buildings.

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