It looks like our objectives were surpassed. During the project we have found new possibilities and benefited from them. The quality of furniture production improves and throughput time shortens when the use of heat can be controlled and used more precisely in the process.

Asko Dahlbom, CFO, Isku Group

LeaseGreen renewed the Isku furniture factory energy system as a turnkey project. Thanks to the improved energy efficiency, Isku is making life-cycle savings of almost 12 million euros. Isku’s factory in Lahti was built in 1970 and covers an area of 55 000 m2.

Isku’s CFO, Asko Dahlbom thanks LeaseGreen’s project management team and engineers for their intelligent planning and activity. According to Dahlbom, LeaseGreen’s planners have managed to put themselves in the customer’s position and the day-to-day industrial work. The plans have been clear and realistic solutions.

“No empty promises were made. Everything was not simply renewed, rather solutions were found that made use of serviceable and renewable elements of the existing system. LeaseGreen have been proactive carrying out the right procedures in the right order, and the customer has not been unnecessarily burdened. The work has been carried out as agreed with a forward-looking attitude.”

Dahlbom encourages Finnish industry leaders to work on developing ambitious competitiveness.

“Our example shows that by setting objectives sufficiently high we can make investments that improve competitiveness and take production to new levels of quality. You have to be able to question the old way of doing things on a large enough scale. In that way we get completely different results than taking one slice at a time.”

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