After the completion of project we will expect to have a modern and easily controlled building technology system and excellent lighting. This investment will contribute positively to the value of property as well and decrease its emissions.

Minna Jokinen, Property Manager, Church Pension Fund

A energy refit decreases emissions and improves the comfort of staff. The refit will be executed as a turnkey project by LeaseGreen.

”We will make an economically profitable investment which cuts effectively emissions and improves the comfort or our staff,” says property manager Minna Jokinen from the Church Pension Fund.

The administration building of Evangelical Lutheran Church has been built in 1955 and its floor area is 8 747 m2. It is owned by the Church Pension Fund and Church Central Fund. In this project the building automation system will be modernised, ventilation units renewed and lighting shifted to LED technology. LeaseGreen estimates that the refit will lead up to 900 000 life-cycle savings for the property owner.

The Church Pension Fund confirmed its new climate change strategy in December 2016. The market value of fund’s all investments reached 1.4 billion euros in the end of 2016, and the profit of investments was 7,9% in 2016.

”This case shows that responsible investing doesn’t need to conflict with the profits,” says Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen.

”We are happy to help this fund which is one of the forerunners of responsibility to even better investing results.”

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