LeaseGreen expands business to Sweden – reaching for a leading position in Stockholm metropolitan area

Joacim Hindersson has been appointed as a Vice President of international business development.

LeaseGreen launches international operations by establishing an office to Stockholm. The company has appointed mr. Joacim Hindersson as a Vice President of international business development which launches and oversees the new business in Sweden. Hindersson has previously worked as a Vice President for Caverion Group service development, also actively in Sweden and Norway.

”We will build a team of 20 top professionals in Stockholm”, says mr. Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen Group.

”It will be a local team which will be lead locally as well. The goal of our Swedish operations will be a leading position in Stockholm metropolitan area. Joacim will be in a key position for our international business development, and his first task is the recruitment of engineers and project managers for our energy refit projects in Sweden.”

LeaseGreen is a the leading Finnish cleantech company specialising in the energy efficiency and smart solutions of large properties. The company improves the indoor air conditions, reduces the energy consumption and decreases the carbon footprint of its customers building stock. According to business daily Kauppalehti, LeaseGreen is one of the fastest growing companies in Finland. In the first half of 2017, the sales of LeaseGreen’s new projects increased by 70 pct year-on-year.

Tomi Mäkipelto says that Sweden is an extremely interesting and challenging market for LeaseGreen:

”The expectations of customers are as high as they are in Finland, or even higher. There will be tough competition but I believe that our success assets will have an impact in Sweden too: LeaseGreen is a turn-key solution provider for high performance projects from planning to execution. Our flexible financing model’s enable investment payment with the savings generated. We can export our digital, financial and service innovations to Sweden and import crucial knowledge back to Finland. Our Swedish colleagues are absolutely the frontrunners in the on-site energy production solutions such as heat pumps.”

Vice President Joacim Hindersson says that LeaseGreen has a long-term vision for the launch and expansion of its Swedish operations:

”We will operate as a very local company which trademark will be quality. We are not in Stockholm to try but to stay and succeed together with our customers.”

Hindersson, which was born 52 years ago in Finnish-Swedish family, speaks Swedish as his mother language and has an extensive international career, starting from Siemens and shifting later to YIT and Caverion groups.

Hindersson says, that he wants to participate in the big shift of building technology: the position of buildings will be changed when big data and IoT will be harnessed to enhance the well-being of property users and economic efficiency of property owners. Energy consumers will turn increasingly to energy producers and active market players.

”I have travelled all around Europe”, he says.

”It feels great to start work for a fresh and agile growth company. LeaseGreen has showed that you really can do it the other way: by setting the customer really in the first priority and generating undisputed value to him or her. There is a lot of talk about customers in this business, but in many cases the customer comes second, after the shareholder value of service provider’s own company.”

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