LeaseGreen survey: Finnish municipalities could achieve energy savings of EUR 2.5 billion

Finnish municipalities could save up to 150 million euros each year with the new energy-efficient building systems.

A study performed by LeaseGreen estimates that the accumulated savings would reach 2.5 billion euros over the 15-year life cycle of investments which will cut the energy use of municipal properties, delivering better indoor air quality as a bonus.

“With these additional resources, Finnish municipalities could hire up to 5 000 childcare professionals in the public kindergartens up and down our country,” says Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen. “Energy efficiency projects can now be implemented with new service contracts which do not require the use of municipalities’ own capital. Energy savings will pay for the investments required.”

According to Mäkipelto, limited capital resources are one of the biggest obstacles of energy efficiency projects. If there’s no capital, the wasting of energy continues, the condition of properties deteriorates, and provisions for future reparations increase. Even the most profitable investments will fail to be implemented.

“Another problem is risk-averse decision-makers. If you don’t do anything, you will evade risks. And if something does get done, it will be done as cheaply as possible and on the smallest possible scale.”

The surface area of properties owned by Finnish municipalities is about 40 million m2. These properties consume approximately 8 000 GWh of electricity and heat per annum. According to Mäkipelto, the older service buildings belonging to municipalities make up the weakest part of Finland’s building stock. Mould and moisture problems are common.

“Only in one school out of ten there is an energy-efficient air circulation system and healthy indoor air quality. The municipalities try to overcome this problem by taking one of three solutions: by renting mobile modular containers for pupils and teachers, stripping back citizens’ services, and raising taxes. We must stop this spiral as soon as possible.”

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