LeaseGreen provides solar energy system for ripening bananas

Improved energy efficiency increases competitiveness of LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management’s customers in Vantaa.

LeaseGreen is working to develop the energy efficiency of a logistics property owned by the insurance company LocalTapiola in Vantaa, in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The project involves building a large-scale solar energy system on the property’s roof, replacing lighting with LED technology, modernising ventilation and optimising automation. The investments will enhance the property’s indoor conditions, besides increasing the profitability of the companies operating therein and reducing their carbon footprints.

The energy efficiency project is being conducted in collaboration with the property’s user Satotukku Oy, which is Finland’s biggest privately owned fruit and vegetable wholesaler. The property, located at Tuupakantie 32, contains one of Finland’s largest banana ripening plants, as well as facilities belonging to Posti Group (the main Finnish postal service). The building’s new solar energy system comprises 666 panels with a total capacity of 200 kWp. The panels are being installed on top of the cold storage facility, which will reduce the building’s thermal stress and cooling needs in summer.

The Tuupakantie 32 property’s administration is carried out by LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management, which first started working with LeaseGreen in 2017. According to calculations by LeaseGreen, the property owner’s investments will provide Satotukku and Posti with savings of 800,000 euros over the investments’ lifetime. The solar panels are manufactured by Naps Solar Systems Oy.

“The new technology will increase the businesses’ efficiency, profitability and responsibility,” explains LeaseGreen CEO Tomi Mäkipelto. “The cost efficiency of solar power has increased exponentially, making it worthwhile even in Finland. We are particularly pleased to be implementing a solar energy solution involving Finnish design.”

LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management has long been working resolutely to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of the properties it owns. The company’s Environmental Manager Eero Kokkonen says that energy efficiency is one of the strategic tools of a responsible real estate investor.

“Our aim is to reach energy savings of 7.5 per cent across our entire real estate portfolio by 2025. When the energy efficiency of buildings is improved sensibly, everyone wins – not least our shared environment.”

The LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management Group consists of the parent company, LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management, which manages real estate fund investments, LocalTapiola Real Estate Capital Funds, which manages alternative funds, and Promote Tapiola Oy, which operates in shopping centre management. Established in 2007, LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management manages a real estate portfolio worth around 3 billion euros, renting out commercial premises in 15 locations around Finland. The company is owned by LocalTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company and LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

The LeaseGreen Group is Finland’s leading energy service company. It employs more than 50 building technology experts in Finland and Sweden, providing employment for a further 300 or so property professionals through its network. LeaseGreen’s service model has received plenty of public recognition. The company’s main owners and co-founders, Tomi Mäkipelto and Juho Rönni, received the Young Growth Entrepreneurs of the Year award in autumn 2017.

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