Sallilan Energia targets 60 per cent savings on its energy bill

The energy company Sallilan Energia has decided to kick off an efficiency project whose goals are cutting the energy consumption and minimising the fossil energy use in its head office.

The project will be implemented as a turnkey delivery by LeaseGreen.

According to their CEO Janne Vettervik (pictured), the main investments are two 128 kW air-to-water heat pumps, which will produce estimated savings of 60 per cent on energy costs.

The head office of Sallilan Energia and its warehouse were heated in the past by direct electricity. Oil was an auxiliary heat source, mainly used for peak power needs during the coldest months of year. The old oil boilers will remain in reserve.

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CEO Janne Vettervik
Sallila Energia Oy
+358 44 280 9008

CEO Tomi Mäkipelto
LeaseGreen Suomi Oy
+358 50 370 4092

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