Sampsa Ratia appointed as a head of LeaseGreen’s international operations

”Our ultimate mission is improving the cash flows of our customers.”

LeaseGreen Group Ltd has appointed mr. Sampsa Ratia as a Vice President and a member of group’s executive team, which will lead the international operations of LeaseGreen. 42 years old Ratia has previously worked as a CEO of Corbel Group. He is a MSc. of international business and has made a career which includes leading positions in Aberdeen Asset Management Plc ja Kapiteeli Plc.

LeaseGreen is a the leading Finnish cleantech company specialising in the energy efficiency and smart solutions of large properties. LeaseGreen has recently expanded its business to Sweden and Sampsa Ratia will take the responsibility of company’s Swedish business in cooperation with Joacim Hindersson, Vice President of international business development. Ratia will seek opportunities for additional new markets as well.

”This is on unique opportunity for me to take part in writing the success story of LeaseGreen”, says Ratia. ”Our goal is to build solid business positions in the Nordic countries and continue expanding operations to continental Europe. I believe that there will be a strong interest for LeaseGreen’s business model from the local and international real estate owners.”

You save more than you pay

LeaseGreen’s key product is a service contract, which enables building system refits without customers’ own investments. The company improves the indoor air conditions, reduces the energy consumption and decreases the carbon footprint of its customers building stock. LeaseGreen’s customer saves typically more in energy costs than it pays as a service fee. The optimization of new systems will be secured by digitalizing the property.

According to Sampsa Ratia, the developing challenges look quite similar in various European real estate markets:

The renovation debt grow, cost control pressures remain and strive for sustainability increases the pressure to cut CO2 emissions of buildings. Improving energy efficiency will offer an important competitive edge to the real estate owners and smart solutions will enhance the control of their energy systems. An increasing share of properties’ consumed energy will be generated on-site by heat pumps and solar systems.

”LeaseGreen provides versatile solutions to energy efficiency and on-site power generation”, says Ratia. ”We will improve the efficiency, produce and store energy and link the properties to a smart real-time remote control. IoT, big data and weather forecasts will be harnessed for the property users’ wellbeing and economic efficiency.”

Better workplace, less emissions

According to Ratia, the ultimate mission of LeaseGreen is to improve the cash flows of its customers:

”We will be help them to reach steadier income – by investing in better buildings which make their customers happier. Tenants’ expectations keep on growing as their employees demand better work comfort and more sustainainable business operations.”

”If property owner cannot address the sustainability challenge, its properties risk loosing the game in the competion. In worst case the old rent contracts will not be extended, there won’t come new contracts, the value of the building decreases and the liquidity of assets declines.”

LeaseGreen’s CEO Tomi Mäkipelto says that he is very happy to have Sampsa Ratia in the ambitious team. According to Mäkipelto, Ratia will bring in deep understanding of international real estate investors’ business needs and processes:

”We will build together the strongest team for this business in the Northern Europe. We will believe that our unique range of services will win the interest and trust of professional real estate investors in the international markets.”

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LeaseGreen Group Ltd
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Vice President, international operations Sampsa Ratia
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