LeaseGreen prepares for further growth

Thomas Luther, CEO: “Exceeding the expectations of our customers is our highest priority.”

LeaseGreen is developing the company’s strategy, services, and leadership. A new development team will focus on service development and strategic projects, whereas a new technology team will focus on planning energy overhauls. The organisational reshuffle also includes changes to the leadership and responsibilities.

“The professional motivation at LeaseGreen is top notch,”says CEO, Thomas Luther. “I have never seen this kind of great attitude before in my professional career. Now we are also simplifying the leadership so that we can serve our customers even better.”

In addition to Luther, LeaseGreen’s leadership team includes: Chief Financial Officer, Teemu Repo; VP, Head of Sales, Jonni Ahonen; Chief Technology Officer, Tomi Mäkipelto; Senior VP, Service Delivery and Life Cycle Services, Jere Kilpi; and Corporate Development, Co-Founder Juho Rönni.

Both employee and customer satisfaction remained high during 2019 at LeaseGreen. According to customer research carried out at the end of 2019, almost 9 out of 10 customers thought that the energy overhauls carried out by LeaseGreen had been either successful or very successful.

“This year we want to exceed customers’ expectations,” Luther says. “It is by far our most important objective. We are also putting a lot of emphasis on our digital services development under the leadership of Juho Rönni and his talented team.”

According to Thomas Luther, demand for cost-efficient energy overhauls and property-specific energy production is growing rapidly in Finland. The conversation around sustainability is increasing the pressure for a carbon overhaul whose overriding objective is reducing emissions.

“CO2 is beginning to rival money on the agendas of company boards and owners. This means that companies accept not only highly profitable investments but also the kinds of projects that reduce emissions and have longer repayment terms. Smart companies are reducing their emissions now because they know that in the near future their carbon footprint will become one of their most important competitive advantages. Smart carbon overhauls reduce the risk associated with emissions.”

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