Patrizia improves conditions in Katajanokka’s valuable properties

LeaseGreen is carrying out a demanding modernisation project in Katajanokka’s national landscape.

LeaseGreen is modernising the building services technology in the valuable properties located in Helsinki’s Katajanokka which will improve the conditions and energy economy for the users of the properties. The project involves renovating the cooling, heating, ventilation, lighting, and building automation and control in buildings numbered Kanavaranta 3–7. The cluster of properties neighbouring Uspenski Cathedral house restaurants and offices amongst other things. There are also apartments in the upper floors.

“We will get more efficient cooling and more stable conditions in the Kanavaranta properties”, says Petteri Virkajärvi, Asset Manager at Patrizia, the owners of the properties.

“We will increase the cooling capacity, but without a rise in energy use because the energy efficiency of the system will improve. We increase the intelligence of the system and reduce the properties emissions.”

An old pearl becomes a modern old pearl

The red-brick buildings on Kanavaranta were built about 100 years ago on the Northwest shore of Katajanokka. At that time the buildings were populated by warehouse and office workers at the port. According to Petteri Virkajärvi, Patrizia wants to ensure that the properties, located as they are in the Helsinki national landscape, maintain their attraction also into the second century of their history.

“The satisfaction of the tenants is central to the profitability of the properties. Also the modernisation of the technology also has a positive impact on the image and value of the properties. The return on investment is high when we turn the old pearl into a modern old pearl.”

Patrizia is European property fund management company whose head office is located in Augsberg in Germany. The funds managed by Patrizia increased by 41 billion euros by the end of 2018. Petteri Virkajärvi says that the overall ability to manage the entire project became apparent when LeaseGreen was chosen to modernise the Kanavaranta properties.

“LeaseGreen was well aware of the areas that needed to be developed in order to reach the desired objectives. We were convinced that the whole project was optimal and that we could trust in the promises that were made to us.”

Better conditions without wasting money

LeaseGreen’s VP of customer accounts, Jonni Ahonen, says that in the case of Kanavaranta the focus of the modernisation is the tenants’ and their customers’ perception of the improvements in conditions. The investments in new technology also reduce the repair debt. In addition, the energy efficiency improves.

“Patrizia has a sensible and responsible way of dealing with the renewal of building services technology that is coming to the end of its lifespan: instead of stretching repair investments a far as possible, they are sensibly done in their entirety earlier rather than later”, Ahonen says.

“This kind of response to a property that is suffering results in better conditions without wasting money. With larger projects there are almost without exception better energy savings to be found, as is the case here. Expenditure and harmful emissions are reduced in ways such as by increasing the efficiency of the cooling system with heat pump technology that cools the supply air in the summer and preheats it in winter.”

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