Pajulahti Sports Institute invests in energy-efficient building technology

Energy refit improves air ventilation and leads to savings of 1.4 million euros.

Pajulahti Sports Institute launches a building technology investment which improves the indoor conditions and decreases the energy use of institute’s main building. During the the refit air ventilation will be modernised, automation optimised and new lighting installed.

The project will be executed by LeaseGreen as a turnkey delivery. The target of project is 27% savings to the yearly energy costs of main building and a total of 1.4 million euros savings during the lifecycle of investments.

Pajulahti is one the biggest sports institutes in Finland. The institute’s total floor area is more than four hectares. Energy consumption is one of the institutes’ biggest cost segments. Its energy bill is more than one million euro in one year.

”Energy efficiency and environmental issues are important challenges for us”, says Lasse Mikkelsson, CEO of Pajulahti Sports Institute. ”The demands and expectations from our customers grow, and it’s not only the comfort of the premises which count.”

The Pajulahti Sports Institute was established in 1929 near Lahti, southern Finland. The oldest section of main building was built in 1948. Since then it has been expanded several times, last time shortly after the millennium.

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