LeaseGreen Sweden recruits Jan Ström

"The industry should be more eager, creative and have bigger ambitions to take the lead."

LeaseGreen Sweden recruits Jan Ström to further establish LeaseGreen on the Swedish market. On 1st March 2018 Jan Ström joins LeaseGreen Sweden as Customer Relationship Manager and brings with him 15 years of experience, most recently as Head of Business Development at Fastighetsägarna Service.

Jan Ström has over 15 years’ extensive experience from the facility and organization management industry and has held leading positions at both Siemens and Caverion. Jan Ström also serves as a member of the board of Fastighetsentreprenörerna and IFMA Sweden, a part of the world’s largest organization for facility management professionals, IFMA International.

LeaseGreen Group optimizes energy investments and reduces costs as a service for large properties. Headquartered in Helsinki, LeaseGreen has recorded strong growth since the start in 2013. LeaseGreen was recently launched on the Swedish market as a first international step.

“LeaseGreen is a significant player on the Finnish market and I look forward to create such a strong position here in Sweden as well. The facility industry can be a bit conservative, and this is something I want to change. The industry should be more eager, creative and have bigger ambitions to take the lead on different issues, not only in technology but in other areas as well”, Jan Ström says.

Modern and proven environment technologies and digital solutions provide LeaseGreen’s customers with lower lifecycle costs, fresh indoor climate and – perhaps most importantly – long term sustainability. Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen Group:

“LeaseGreen is dedicated to helping clients save energy and money. By investing in optimal energy solutions, property owners and developers maximize their returns on investment while contributing to a more sustainable community. Jan has extensive experience from the industry and will contribute significantly in reaching LeaseGreen’s visions. We are very happy to have him on-board.”

The focus of LeaseGreen’s engineers is to produce, store, digitalize and improve the effective use of energy by analyzing properties and implementing the most profitable solution. LeaseGreen’s digital systems can be monitored in real time, a clear advantage for larger property owners.

LeaseGreen helps clients in the property sector who seek to increase returns on investments, add value to their properties, improve indoor climate and contribute to a more sustainable society through deliberate energy solutions. With more than 150 large projects in their portfolio, LeaseGreen is already a well-known name on the market.

“We want to be a company that is easy to do business with, who dare to take chances and who is not afraid to invest in innovation. I am truly happy and humbled by the opportunity to help build the Swedish branch and be part of LeaseGreen’s first international step”, Jan Ström finishes.

About LeaseGreen

LeaseGreen Group Ltd is a fast-growing energy service company which reduces large buildings’ life cycle costs, improves indoor climate and decreases their carbon footprint. LeaseGreen offers energy efficiency as-a service to its customers, modernizing buildings’ existing energy systems and building new on-site power generation units such as heat pumps and solar systems.

LeaseGreen’s innovative refits include everything from the design and engineering to the installations, finance and 24/7 smart monitoring. The company employs 50 highly skilled efficiency professionals in Finland and Sweden, and its estimated sales are 24 million EUR in 2017.

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LeaseGreen Group Ltd
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Customer Relationship Manager Jan Ström
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