Changes to LeaseGreen leadership: Thomas Luther named CEO

“Improving energy efficiency is a huge opportunity.”

LeaseGreen renews and strengthens its leadership with the appointment of Thomas Luther, who will take over as the new CEO with effect from 1.12.2019. The current CEO, Tomi Mäkipelto, will take over responsibility for the company’s service development and sales. The changes will allow more resources to be directed to managing the growth of LeaseGreen, as well as developing its services and continuous improvements to customer satisfaction.

“In LeaseGreen I see a young, energetic, and highly skilled growth company with a particularly significant mission”, said Thomas Luther.

“LeaseGreen is going to revolutionise the energy efficiency business. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside both colleagues and customers in developing a service platform that supports the success of our customers even more than before. Improving energy efficiency is a huge opportunity that opens the door to more economically efficient and sustainable business”.

Thomas Luther is a 42-year-old industrial engineer with a Masters Degree in Economic Sciences, and is a member of LeaseGreen’s board of directors. Until last year, Luther was CEO of Sataservice, a company specialising in industrial maintenance that was sold to the Swedish company, Quant. During Luther’s tenure at Sataservice, turnover doubled and the company developed into the leading operator in its field. Previously Luther has worked in leadership roles at Metso and Nokia, amongst others.

“It all starts with people”, Luther says.

“That’s why to me employees are not just staff, but real people. I share LeaseGreen’s core values that are based on the idea that we achieve much more together when we truly care about one another and we work openly and honestly”.

Tomi Mäkipelto and Juho Rönni founded LeaseGreen in 2013. The company has grown quickly with a turnover of 30.5 million euros in 2018. Mr. Mäkipelto hands over CEO responsibilities to Thomas Luther in December with confidence:

“Juho Rönni and I suggested this change to the board of directors and we are fully committed to continue to work hard for the good of the company. As the founders and major owners of LeaseGreen, we are extremely happy that we have Thomas on the team. He will become a solid captain for the company’s next period of growth”.

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CEO Tomi Mäkipelto
LeaseGreen Group Ltd.
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CEO (from 1.12.2019) Thomas Luther
LeaseGreen Group Ltd.
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