LeaseGreen’s annual report published: revenue grows 88% in 2016

LeaseGreen’s business developed very favourably in 2016.

According to the Annual Report published today, the revenue of LeaseGreen Group was 14.9 million euros which was 88% more than in 2015. Operating profit grew to 0.9 million from the previous year’s 0.3 million.

LeaseGreen is cleantech service company which is focusing in the energy use and smart solutions of large properties. Company’s experts plan and execute the optimal measures to customers’ properties, taking into account the life-cycle costs, market value and environmental impact. The company enhances energy-efficiency, plans and designs onsite energy generation and digitalises the monitoring and controlling of building conditions.

”We harness IoT, big data and weather forecasts for the benefit of tenants’ comfort and economic efficiency”, says LeaseGreen’s CEO Tomi Mäkipelto.

LeaseGreen’s energy solutions have decreased the energy bills of customers’ properties by 24% in average. The estimated life-cycle savings total 44 million euros and the decrease in CO2 emissions is 85 000 tonnes.

According to Mäkipelto, refitting of properties will affect positively to the employment as well.

”The planning and execution of technology investments employs a large number engineers, project managers and expert workers. Every single property has its own story and special challenges which cannot be solved by mass production solutions. The customers have been very satisfied with our service. The demand for efficiency refits will remain strong this year.”

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