Etera Pension Fund’s business park saved 30% of its energy bill

Energy refit is the most powerful resource for cutting the emissions in the Nordic countries.

Energy refits decrease the costs of property owners and emissions generated by the buildings. In Finland, the biggest potential can be found in the residential and office buildings which was built in the last half of 20th century.

”In Helsinki metropolitan area there is hundreds of large properties which energy costs and emissions can be shrinked by 20 to 30 percent”, says Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen. ”Energy efficiency is the most powerful resource to cut carbon footprint in Finland and other Nordic countries. While doing this, we can also improve the indoor conditions from ventilation to heating and lighting as well.”

LeaseGreen is a cleantech service company which specialises in the energy use and smart building technology systems of large properties. LeaseGreen has executed during 2016 numerous energy refits to commercial, industrial and logistics buildings. In the autumn of 2015, LeaseGreen’s engineers completed the refit of Kutomo Business Park in the Pitäjänmäki district of Helsinki. The first monitoring of six months shows that the energy bill of Kutomo has decreased by 30%.

”It’s a good property which has been maintained very well”, continues Mäkipelto.

”However, today’s technology is much more efficient than original technology installed in the 1980’s. We have executed hundreds of different measures in Kutomo. We carried in new equipment, modernised the building automation and changed comprehensively the principles of controlling.”

”We save more than we pay”

The Kutomo Business Park comprises of two properties which total floor area is 26 000 m2. The owner of business park is Pension Fund Etera which didn’t use its own capital to the project. The investments were financed as a monthly service contract which contract period is eight years.

”We save every month more money than we pay to LeaseGreen”, says Etera’s property manager Matti Autere (pictured, right).

”The heating bill of Kutomo looks like to be halved. In this project the risk and profitability were in a very favourable balance to us.”

According to LeaseGreen’s estimate, Etera will reach a ROI of 19% to the completed efficiency measures and investments. The partners have executed several large energy refits in the Helsinki metropolitan area. LeaseGreen is currently making a holistic survey of Etera’s real estate portfolio. In August, LeaseGreen announced that it has launched a cooperation with several significant real estate investors.

The business of LeaseGreen grows quickly and it has recruited during 2016 numerous engineers which focus on automation, ventilation and heat pumps. Tomi Mäkipelto says that the sales of new projects reached 10 million euros in the first half of 2016. Last year the turnover of LeaseGreen Group was 7.9 million euros.

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