Kari Neilimo appointed to chairman of LeaseGreen Group

Energy efficiency service provider LeaseGreen has strengthened its strategic expertise by appointing Kari Neilimo as Chairman of the Board.

Helsinki-based specialist energy efficiency service provider LeaseGreen has strengthened its strategic expertise by appointing respected Finnish business leader Kari Neilimo as Chairman of the Board. Neilimo formerly headed the major retail cooperative S-Group.

Neilimo is convinced that energy efficiency represents a great opportunity for Finland. “Improving energy efficiency is an effective way to boost businesses’ profitability and rein in public spending,” he says. “The outcomes of energy efficiency measures can be reliably predicted, and there is a good deal of work that can be done.”

An extensive report released last week by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that Finland has been lagging behind many of its competitors since the turn of the millennium when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of the national economy. The figures indicate that other countries, including Sweden, have been exploiting such opportunities much more keenly than Finland.

“It’s important to remember that structural changes in industry and the national building stock significantly affect the relationship between the national economy’s energy use and total productivity,” says Neilimo. “It’s worth examining the IEA report more closely, but it’s clear that Finland is not yet among the leading countries in terms of energy efficiency. For too long our attitude has been to only do what is required by legislation. We have to move away from this. It’s worth looking at energy efficiency proactively and with an open mind – in the same way that we think about other costs and investment prospects.”

According to the IEA report, Finnish energy users have experienced the fourth highest price rises in Western Europe since 2000 – behind only Sweden, Germany and Greece. Neilimo emphasises that rising energy prices and rapid technological developments are now making improvements in energy efficiency increasingly profitable.

“The service model devised by LeaseGreen puts the best available technical solutions within reach for all professional property owners. Clients do not need to make major one-off investments to improve energy efficiency, when entire projects can be funded from the savings that they themselves will generate.”

Kari Neilimo D.Sc. (Econ.) worked with the S-Group as executive director and chairman of the company SOK from 1991 to 2007, and he previously served as a professor of business studies at several universities. In addition to chairing LeaseGreen’s board, he also currently serves on the boards of other companies including Purso and Solita, and is Chairman of the Board of the Finnish national broadcasting company YLE.

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