Jere Kilpi starts as new sales director

Civil engineer Jere Kilpi has been appointed as a new director of LeaseGreen. Kilpi, 36, will take responsibility for LeaseGreen’s sales and customer relations.

The heating costs of buildings have been on the rise for many years in Finland, and the government is increasing energy taxes again. Property business professionals are attempting to tackle this trend by searching for solutions which will keep energy bills under control.

“Energy efficiency is making a breakthrough in Finland now,” says Jere Kilpi, the newly appointed director of LeaseGreen’s sales and customer relations.

“I hear about this breakthrough from the way professionals talk about energy and I understand them very well. New building technology investments are in effect the only way to make an impact on maintenance costs.”

Kilpi says that maintenance quality is at a decent level in Finland, but the technology leap has not yet happened. Energy efficiency is still largely at the same level it was in the 1990s.

“We can restore the competitiveness of hundreds of office properties in the Helsinki metropolitan region with energy efficiency refits, especially if the location is OK in relation to the traffic streams.”

More information

Vice president (customer relations and sales) Jere Kilpi
LeaseGreen Group Oy
+358 40 451 3976

CEO Tomi Mäkipelto
LeaseGreen Group Oy
+358 50 370 4092

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