Furniture company Isku improves efficiency in Vantaa and wins over 1.0 million of savings

Isku, the furniture design and retail company, is challenging Finnish business to perform a major energy efficiency overhaul.

The CFO of Isku Group, Asko Dahlbom, says that the industry and retail sector have largely neglected improvements in their properties building technology.

“We haven’t focused properly on cutting the costs of our building stock,” Dahlbom says. “I think that many companies operate in an illogical way when they try to save in investment costs which could cut their operating costs. We should think further into the future. The future won’t be better unless we make investments.”

Isku has decided to start a pilot refit project at Viisari retail centre, located in Vantaa, in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The project will be designed and carried out by LeaseGreen as a turnkey project. It is targeting savings of over EUR 1.0 million over the life cycle of the new automation, ventilation and cooling equipment.

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