LeaseGreen releases financials for 2017: rapid growth continues

LeaseGreen continued its favourable business development in 2017.

The company’s success in completing energy efficiency projects for its clients meant that customer satisfaction remained exceptionally high. According to the Annual Report published today, the LeaseGreen Group generated revenue of 21.2 million euros in 2017, which was 42 per cent higher than the previous year. At the same time, LeaseGreen’s project sales reached 32.9 million euros, which forms a good basis for growth in 2018.

“We are very satisfied with the company’s growth, but by far the most significant news of the year was our phenomenal score in the customer satisfaction survey,” says LeaseGreen CEO Tomi Mäkipelto.

“The successful completion of modernisation projects related to unique and complex properties is our number one priority, and by making our customers happy we also pave the way for our own business growth.”

In the customer satisfaction survey conducted in the autumn of 2017, nine out of ten LeaseGreen customers considered the company to have fulfilled its projects well or very well. The company’s Net Promoter Score, which measures customer loyalty, was 60. Similarly, LeaseGreen came among the top Finnish businesses in measurements of personnel satisfaction.

LeaseGreen is a European energy service company operating in Finland and Sweden that enhances the efficiency, intelligence and responsibility of large buildings’ energy usage. The company has carried out extensive energy renovations in offices, retail premises, manufacturing plants, hotels, hospitals, care homes, warehouses, government agencies and residential properties, among others.

LeaseGreen’s new customers in 2017 included Catella, Hemfosa, LocalTapiola, the OP Group, Oriola and the Valio Pension Fund. LeaseGreen expanded into Sweden in the autumn of 2017, where the company’s services were well received. The company’s profit for the financial year was 3.5 (0.4) million euros, and the number of employees at the end of the year was 46 (29). In early 2018, LeaseGreen launched the Energiaremontti (“energy renovation”) service in collaboration with the OP Group. The recruitment of new experts in the sector continued in both Finland and Sweden.

“Efficient and smart real estate plays a critical role in the efforts of European states to increase competitiveness and cut emissions,” Mäkipelto says.

“We believe that there will be plenty of demand for energy efficiency know-how gained in our demanding Nordic conditions also elsewhere in Europe. Our vision for five years from now is to be operating in several European countries.”


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