LeaseGreen surveys the energy efficiency potential of pension insurance company Etera

LeaseGreen is designing and implementing energy efficiency refit projects for four office properties owned by the pension insurance company Etera.

The locations of the buildings are in the Pasila and Pitäjänmäki areas of Helsinki. Their air circulation systems will be modernised and major parts of their lighting systems modified to LED technology.

“The energy costs of properties will shrink and working conditions will improve,” says Etera’s property manager Matti Autere. “It’s economically sensible to refit the equipment as the efficiency gap between old and new technology has widened.”

The new projects will be carried out as a LeaseGreen service contract, which is based on a monthly fee. The contract period is eight years in three out of four properties and six years in the remaining one. The combined net life cycle savings of these properties will be more than 2.3 million euros.

“Every month we will save more than we pay out,” says Matti Autere. “This is an excellent solution for the property owner, as the investments do not tie down the owner’s capital. Energy efficiency also means eco-efficiency for Etera. Supporting sustainable development is an essential part of a professional property investment business.”

LeaseGreen has collaborated with Etera in the past on the energy efficiency modernisation of Tilkka Hospital. The co-operation will be expanded to the whole building stock of Etera. LeaseGreen will survey the total efficiency potential, focusing on those properties that are more than ten years old.

Based on surveys carried out by LeaseGreen, Etera will choose economically feasible targets and LeaseGreen will implement them as turnkey projects. Technology solutions will be selected individually according to the situations and needs of every single building.

“LeaseGreen’s competence has made a good impression on us and work is proceeding promptly,” Autere says. “We also appreciate the independence of LeaseGreen in terms of their relationship with the different manufacturers.”

The CEO of LeaseGreen, Tomi Mäkipelto, reckons that LeaseGreen’s engineers will discover numerous Etera buildings which can cut their energy use by 10 to 20 per cent. The most profitable solutions are typically air ventilation, water conservation and LED lighting.

“The quality of LED technology has matured to such a level that we can recommend it to professional property owners,” Mäkipelto says.

“We have also noticed that the micro production of renewable energy is attracting many property owners, especially solar energy. Solar will become a rising trend in Finland, but it will be many years before the profitability of solar panels will reach the profitability of LED and air circulation projects.”

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