Top results in customer satisfaction: 9 out 10 endorses LeaseGreen

The quality of indoor air and energy efficiency are the top benefits of energy refit service for real estate owners.

LeaseGreen has achieved top results in a customer survey made by research company Innolink. According to Innolink, nine out of ten LeaseGreen’s customers are ready to recommend company’s service to their colleagues. 93% of respondents gave the best grades (4 or 5 in a scale 1-5) to LeaseGreen when asked how probable their recommendation would be.

”This is very inspiring result which builds a positive pressure for us to succeed in the future as well”, says Tomi Mäkipelto, CEO of LeaseGreen.

”We have been working very hard to achieve or surpass customers’ expectations. That requires much more from us than would be the case if we would allow ourselves just to technical and judicial requirements.

Innolink surveyed LeaseGreen’s customer experiences in 2016. The survey is based on 29 responses. According to the survey, 96% of customers would choose LeaseGreen service again or thinks possible to continue with the business relationship.

The best grades LeaseGreen received from the overall success of project (4,9) and the delivery accuracy (4,8). The weakest sector was the commissioning but it was still remarkably high (4,7).

”It’s impossible to achieve a total perfection but it’s always worth trying”, Mäkipelto continues.

”Our projects has succeeded very well although we have been unable to keep all our deadlines. The refits of building technology is highly challenging work which requires very careful coordination and project management. We will praise our customers for the precious feedback we have just received, accept the challenges presented and make our service even better.”

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