Energy deed of the year award for LeaseGreen

The award for Energy Deed of the Year 2014 was granted to LeaseGreen.

At the Finnish Energy Day 2014 event on 11 September, the award for Energy Deed of the Year 2014 was granted to LeaseGreen on the basis of a poll of the readers of the popular Finnish business and technology magazine Tekniikka&Talous.

“It has been a pleasure to see how interested property owners are in the savings that can be achieved through energy efficiency,” said LeaseGreen’s CEO Tomi Mäkipelto. “Our team at LeaseGreen works hard to ensure that we can provide our clients with the most viable solutions for improving their energy efficiency.”

“We must find ways to use energy prudently, while at the same time creating robust frameworks for the production of the energy we need. Here at Finnish Energy Day we have heard about many interesting ideas concerning the challenges and opportunities we are facing. I’d like to urge everyone to take advantage of new opportunities – in areas like energy efficiency – and I hope we will be able to develop a favourable operating environment for energy production amid the jungle of directives.”

LeaseGreen realises energy efficiency projects for property-owning clients on a turnkey basis. Clients do not need to put their own capital into these projects, since LeaseGreen looks after the necessary investments. Clients then pay monthly fees to LeaseGreen for the duration of the project from the savings they immediately start to enjoy thanks to their lower energy bills. The monthly fees are invariably lower than the resulting savings.

“I think it is fair to say that we have the best experts in our field and the simplest acquisition model,” said Mäkipelto.

The finalists for the Energy Deed of the Year 2014 competition included ten Finnish players who are all working to reshape practices in the energy sector. LeaseGreen won the award on the basis of a popular vote.

Meanwhile, the competition’s expert panel gave a parallel award to the forest industry company UPM, received by Petri Kukkonen, the company’s Vice President of Biofuels.

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