Decisions of LeaseGreen’s AGM: favourable business development continues

LeaseGreen Group Ltd held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 28 March 2018 in Helsinki.

The AGM adopted the financial statements for 2017 and discharged the Board of Directors and CEO from liability. Seppo Junnila, Kari Neilimo, Teuvo Rintamäki and Rami Vuola were re-elected to the Board. KPMG were again appointed as the company’s auditors, and they assigned Timo Nummi, KHT, as the principal auditor for LeaseGreen.

LeaseGreen Group is a European energy service company operating in Finland and Sweden that enhances the efficiency, intelligence and responsibility of large buildings’ energy usage. The Group’s revenue grew to 21.2 million euros for the financial year from 1 January to 31 December 2017. In line with the Board’s proposal, LeaseGreen’s AGM decided not to pay any dividends for 2017. The Board held an organising meeting immediately after the AGM, re-electing Kari Neilimo as its Chairman.

LeaseGreen voluntarily complies with the corporate governance guidelines for Finnish listed companies, as published on 1 January 2016. LeaseGreen’s Board has conducted an evaluation and determined that the board members Kari Neilimo, Rami Vuola and Seppo Junnila are independent of the company and its major shareholders, while board member Teuvo Rintamäki is independent of the company.

LeaseGreen’s founders Tomi Mäkipelto and Juho Rönni own approximately 60 per cent of the company’s shares between them. The remaining shares are held in varying proportions by Finnish investment companies, individual investors, board members and the management.

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LeaseGreen Group Ltd
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CFO Juho Rönni
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