LeaseGreen improves the energy efficiency of traffic service station in Juva

Finnish retail group S-ryhmä is launching a pilot energy efficiency project in the eastern lakeland district of Finland in co-operation with LeaseGreen.

LeaseGreen will modernise the air circulation and control of the ABC Juva traffic service station, and the lighting systems of the property will be upgraded to LED technology. The estimated life cycle savings from these investments will be more than 300 000 euros.

ABC Juva traffic service station started business operations in 2003. The surface area of the property is 2950 m2 and it consumes 1800 MWh of electricity and 1150 MWh of district heating per annum. The owner of the building is local retail cooperative Suur-Savo.

“Our target is to save money on things which do not harm our relationship with our customers and employees,” says Ari Miettinen, CFO of Suur-Savo Cooperative.

“Energy is ABC’s second biggest cost segment, after personnel costs. Cooperatives can’t insulate themselves from the tough economic environment. We must keep our building technology in good shape to remain a competitive and responsible employer. We need our personnel’s hands and their smiles.”

According to Ari Miettinen, ABC Juva is a showcase of the cooperative group S-ryhmä. In the local operating domain of Suur-Savo Cooperative, there are dozens of retail properties whose technology needs upgrading.

“We built a lot of properties at the turn of millennium and fitted them with the best available equipment. The technology has been improved a lot since then and our current systems look pretty aged now.”

Suur-Savo Cooperative has a workforce of 1 200 and its turnover is 350 million euros. The CEO of LeaseGreen, Tomi Mäkipelto, says that ABC Juva is very important milestone for his company.

“I believe that the results of our work will be of interest to all property managers of S-ryhmä. Energy efficiency means better property finances, and it helps the property owner take good care of its employees and the environment.”

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LeaseGreen Suomi Oy
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CEO Ari Miettinen
Suur-Savo Cooperative
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