Yesterday things were done in pieces. Today we do the whole thing.

LeaseGreen is Finland’s leading cleantech service company specialising in energy efficiency and smart solutions for large properties. We implement optimal overhauls on our customers’ properties in terms of life-cycle costs, market value and carbon footprint.

We search for the best solutions on the market and implement investments so that the objectives are met. We recruit the best people in the field, collaborate with competent partners, and choose technical solutions for our customer’s investments that we ourselves trust.


Quality means promises that will be kept.

LeaseGreen consists of about 40 highly educated and experienced building services technology experts. In 2018 our turnover was 30 million euros. LeaseGreen is constantly developing its business and services so that activities are customer-centric, high quality and efficient. LeaseGreen’s quality, environment, occupational health and security systems are all certified.

LeaseGreen Group Ltd is owned by the Hartwall family investment company Hartwall Capital, the current executive board, and a group of Finnish investors. The company’s board of directors includes Anna Hyvönen (chairperson), Niko Mokkila and Tomi Mäkipelto.


Dreams of smiley Mondays.

Right from the beginning, the LeaseGreen owners’ dream has been for their employees to come to work on a Monday with, if not a broad smile on their faces, then at least a satisfied feeling. Love of the job, taking responsibility, openness and honesty are important everyday values at LeaseGreen.

Corporate responsibility for LeaseGreen means the most responsible activities from the point of view of society, the economy and the environment. We are playing our part in helping many companies realise that responsibility for society and the environment does not weaken business profitability. Objectives towards money and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, they support one another.


Energy saving

The properties where LeaseGreen have carried out projects have led to energy savings of 24 per cent on average, without compromising the conditions for the property users. In many cases, savings have been considerably larger.


Return on investment

Our projects typically offer our customers a 10–24 per cent life-cycle return on investment. Our objective is always that customers can pay for the investments with the savings made.


Customer satisfaction

Of all LeaseGreen’s customers, 98 percent chose the company’s services again or would consider continuing the customer relationship. Source: LeaseGreen customer satisfaction survey 2018.

We inform our stakeholders about our activities openly and honestly, while also contributing our opinions to promote wider public discussion related to energy efficiency. Please take a look at our annual reports for more detailed information about our business.

The performance of your property is a matter of trust. Call and find out more, we’re happy to help!

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